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Jam And Jam Packaging Bottles

Megan 2018-07-17 11:23:02
We often get inquiries from buyers about plastic jam bottles, so let's talk about jam today.

Jam is a gel substances, by fruit, sugar and acidity regulator mixed, with more than 100 ℃ temperature stewing. Making jam is a way to preserve fruit for a long time. It is mainly used to apply on bread or toast.

Therefore, for the western people who like bread, jam is a good sauce material, but for the Chinese, most of them do not know what jam is. Then we will help people understand the jam mainly from the production methods and food methods.

To make the method, here we take the apple sauce as an example.

Ingredients: 200 grams apple pulp, 60 grams sugar, (the weight of apples is only for its pulp, the amount of sugar control in the one-third of apple weight), salt water amount, one lemon.


1. Peel and core the apples, cut them into small pieces and soak them in salt water for about 15 minutes.

2. Put in the pot, sprinkle sugar half on the apple, add a small amount of water, boil over medium heat and remove the floating foam.

3. When the apple is boiled to a transparent color, and overflow the sweet fragrance, stir in the remaining sugar, adjust the sweetness, and add lemon juice.

4. The Apple will be crushed into mud, when the jam shows luster, thick-shaped, it can be put into a wide mouth jar sterilized with hot water.

Note: It is best to select apples that are slightly sour to make the ingredients. If the apple is not sour, add lemon juice to add sour. Other fruits are also made in a similar way, which requires boiling and adding an appropriate amount of acidity regulator.

In the way of eating, you can adjust the taste and make decorations. Make a cake. Usually make steamed bread, cookies and cakes, you can put jam as decorations on the top. The exterior will looks very beautiful and tastes sweet and fruity. Dip in the fries. Some of the original flavor of the French fries taste very insipid, this time you can use the apple sauce to replace the tomato sauce.

Paired with oats. When you make oatmeal in the morning, you can put half a teaspoon of it. The sour sweet taste very special. Make a salad. We may feel the usual salad without some special taste. You can add the jam as a sugar. Drink yogurt. Pour a small amount of jam into the yogurt and it tastes delicious.

And finally, we'll talk about jam packaging bottles, hot jam is usually made at home in glass bottles, but manufacturers who sell jam in bulk can use plastic bottles to separate the cooled jam and sell it in a bottle. You can use a wide-mouth plastic jar, or you can also use a LDPE soft squeeze bottle that holds honey to dispenser the jam, so that consumers can squeeze the jam like ketchup. After all, jam is also a kind of sauce. The following picture shows two kinds of sauce bottles for reference.

jam plastic bottles