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Company News

Our product pictures collection of Pinterest
Release on 2019-05-20We have opened an account of Pinterest, and updated our products. On that, the p...Read More
10 Designs of Hot Sale Shampoo Bottle at Zhenghao
Release on 2019-05-10There is no doubt that the shampoo bottle is a very common packaging bottle. Bec...Read More
Invitation – Zhenghao packaging exhibition
Release on 2019-03-14We’d like to share Zhenghao events calendar with you, two of international packaging exhibition. Welcome to visit and meet us at: 26~29 March 2019 ...Read More
Zhenghao Company Video
Release on 2019-03-05Zhenghao Company Shenzhen Zhenghao plastic & mold co., ltd is a professional manufacturer specializing in R & D, production and sales of plastic ...Read More
Zhenghao's new handwash bottle design for December
Release on 2019-01-14Hand sanitizers are our most commonly used products and are used almost every day. so handwash bottles are also the most common cosmetic packagin...Read More
All of Zhenghao staff wish you a happy new year!
Release on 2018-12-29New Year's Day, the January 1 of the Gregorian calendar, is commonly known in most countries of the world as the "New Year." The concept of New Year's...Read More
Zhenghao Plastic Wish You All Merry Christmas!
Release on 2018-12-25Christmas is coming. Do you know why we say happy for almost any holidays, but merry Christmas? Now China plastic bottle supplier talk about it with y...Read More
Our company Shenzhen Zhenghao Plastic & Mold Co., Ltd
Release on 2018-12-18Shenzhen Zhenghao Plastic & Mold Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer in OEM design for plastic bottle, jar and containers. We have blowing machin...Read More
Our black bottle and jar in November
Release on 2018-11-23Today we’d like to introduce our new product in October & November, they are mostly Cosmetic plastic bottle, have other bottles. First, it’s a grand...Read More
Release on 2018-11-22Shenzhen ZhengHao plastic & mold co., ltd is a professional plastic bottle manufacturer specializing in R & D, production and sales of plast...Read More
Our new design of PP hot fill plastic bottle
Release on 2018-11-15As a juice plastic bottle manufacturer, we will introduce a unique kind of juice plastic bottle to you today. It doesn’t have unique design or shape,...Read More
Customize your own cosmetic plastic bottles
Release on 2018-10-17These days our flat shape cosmetic plastic bottles arepopular on my website. Now we will list the information on these bottles foryour reference, it i...Read More
Our multipurpose food plastic jar
Release on 2018-10-08As a manufacturer specializingin plastic bottle, jar and container, PET jar isone of our main product, Let's start with a very tempting picture. I mad...Read More
New design of plastic bottle and soft tube in August.
Release on 2018-09-07It is September 7, 2018 now, don’t forget that our special discount for September is going on, meanwhile we are constantly working on new plastic pro...Read More
About our tanning oil bottle
Release on 2018-08-23August is almost over, while the hot weather in the Northern Hemisphereis still go on, together with nice sunshine. This’s maybe a good news for thos...Read More
About our water enhancer bottle
Release on 2018-08-21Today I'd like to introduce our water enhancer bottle to you. It is our hotsale plastic product, popular in US. It usually used for enhancer water, ju...Read More
Here's the good news for plastic bottle buyer!
Release on 2018-08-17Now is the second half of the August, usually we say that September and October is a peak of procurement, our factory will provide real concessions to...Read More
About our 400ml PCTG water bottle
Release on 2018-08-14Today I will introduce one of our 400ml water bottle, which made of PCTG material by ourselves, and with a pill box at bottom, can packaging some pill...Read More
About our square shape plastic bottle
Release on 2018-08-10Recently square shape plastic bottle are very popular on our Alibaba store and our official website. It’s seems that not only in beverage juice indu...Read More
Are our customers customizing these bottles to build zoos?
Release on 2018-07-20For a professional plastic bottle maker, customized unique design plastic bottle is not uncommon, some with funny shape, some for special use. Many ti...Read More