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About Chinese culture

Traditional Festivals In China-Mid-Autumn Festival
Release on 2018-09-21Mid-Autumn Festival, every lunar August 15, is a popular traditional cultural festival in China and sinosphere countries, because it happens in the mi...Read More
About The Dragon Boat Festival In China
Release on 2018-06-19The Dragon Boat Festival is the fifth day of the fifth lunar month every year in China, and there are many different names everywhere. Dragon Boat Fes...Read More
520, The World'S First Online Valentine's Day
Release on 2018-05-20Today is a very special day for Chinese couples, this is a day when each other express and pursuit love. Yes, just China's annual 520 Valentine's Day,...Read More
Celebrate Chinese New Year With Joy
Release on 2018-02-13Two days later, it’s the Chinese Lunar new years, and what are the specific customs before the new Year? Usually the new year from the Lunar December...Read More
The "Laba Rice Porridge" Festival
Release on 2018-01-24According to legend, the founder of Buddhism, sakyamuni is the son of King Suddhodana in the ancient northern India. He saw that all living beings wer...Read More
How Do Chinese People Celebrate New Year'S Day?
Release on 2017-12-31New Year is celebrating the beginning of the new year, in China, the new year is also a legal holiday. China and many other countries or regions in th...Read More
Why Chinese Eat Dumplings In Winter Solstice?
Release on 2017-12-23Winter solstice is one of the solar term, which means the collection of all things to avoid the cold. It is customary for our country people to take t...Read More