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Use Plastic Bottles Package And Storage Honey

  • Author:Megan
  • Release on:2018-07-13
Honey is a favorite food for many people, it is a sticky transparent or translucent golden yellow colloidal liquid, usually stored in a transparent plastic bottle or jar to perfectly show its exquisite and attractive appearance. Therefore, generally used packaging materials have glass and plastic.

So how to store honey when processing? Honey is weak acidic liquid, it can make metal oxidation, so it should placed in non metal containers such as barrels, plastic barrels, etc. for processing and storage, the special packaging containers must be thoroughly washed and dried. In areas with high honey production, a dedicated honey storage pool can be established and the containers should be thoroughly cleaned.

Honey container can not be filled, especially in the transport to set aside 25%-30% of the space to prevent honey from fermenting and spilling or burst the container during thermal oscillation when the heat oscillation. The installed honey to be placed in dry, clean, ventilated and tasteless indoor, room temperature remained at 5-10 ℃. Do not put the honey bucket in the open air for a long time, timely transfer to ensure the quality of honey.

How to save honey? Should use non-metal containers, such as glass bottles, ceramics or plastic bottles, the volume of honey to the container 80% is advisable. It is best to place in a cool, dry, ventilated, clean and odorless place. Honey must be sealed and stored to prevent the absorption of moisture in the air from causing crystallization and fermentation.

The honey that has been put on for a long time can be safely eaten as long as it is not spoiled. We know that honey contains 0.1% ~ 0.4% of antibacterial, itself has certain antibacterial ability, real mature honey has a long shelf life, as food, honey has a shelf life of about two years.

Retail honey how to pack? The density of good honey is usually 1:1.5, a 500ml bottle can probably hold 0.75 kg of honey, we all know that the material of glass is heavier than plastic, so we can see a lot of honey in the supermarket is sold with plastic packaging bottle.

Plastic honey bottles are generally pided into PET materials and LDPE material, PET honey bottles are generally designed to square and wide mouth shape to easily take out the crystallized honey, and LDPE material is soft and can be squeezed, so it is used with dropper, you can upside down it and squeeze it to get honey juice, the two different design of honey plastic bottles as the picture below shows:

honey plastic bottle

Of course if you have any more unique and imaginative honey plastic bottle design, please reach us for your project, we are the plastic bottle maker, as long as it is plastic material, we may help you in some place.