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Have returned to work on 10, Feb

zhenghao 2020-02-10 16:37:09
For all Chinese, the Spring Festival in 2020 is bound to be extraordinary. A nightmare epidemic has swept through China when people prepare to spend the Lunar New Year, China's biggest traditional festival.

The first outbreak of the epidemic which begin from Wuhan first, accompanied by returning home, spring transportation and other population movements, the virus spread throughout all parts of country. President Xi held an emergency meeting on the first day of the New Year to deploy epidemic prevention work, local governments have also begun to orderly limit the movement of people to prevent further spread of the epidemic.

The epidemic has also spread to other countries and regions with the flow of population, which has attracted international attention, and many foreign friends are very concerned about our security, and pray for China to get better as soon as possible. Thank you for your kindness.

There is no doubt that most Chinese are safe. Under the correct leadership of our national leaders and the government, should have been spent a happy New Year, but all people stay in their own homes to fight the virus together. It is believed that winter is fast over and spring is coming soon.

In order to ensure the supply of products to our customers, in 10, February, under the premise of ensuring our own safety, and do a good job of protective measures, disinfection work, we started the New Year's work.

Thanks again for your concern. If you need plastic bottles, just contact us. Please rest assured that the letter or package from China will not carry the virus. We've been and be always here.