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Life Tips

How To Use A Simple Plastic Bottle As Storage Box
Release on 2018-12-13In our daily life, many people throw away the finished beverage bottles, so that the bottles are wasted, because they are a good storage tool, are you...Read More
The Straw Makes It Easier To Use A Hand Sanitizer Bottle
Release on 2018-12-11Usually when we use hand sanitizer or bath lotion which packaged by flip top bottle, there's always liquid around the bottle after using, and the slip...Read More
How To Open A Beer Bottle With A Plastic Bottle?
Release on 2018-12-08Sometimes we want to drink beer, but we can’t find the bottle opener, only a plastic mineral water bottle. While how to use plastic bottles to make b...Read More
Which Wines Are Suitable For Girl To Drink In The Bar?
Release on 2018-11-28As a juice plastic bottle manufacturer, we sold many juice bottle, some of it use in the bar, this made me think of more pub drinks. Then I’d like to...Read More
What'S The Usage Of A Small Spray Bottle?
Release on 2018-06-29Small spray bottles are almost one of the most used portable makeup tools for women. Because of the various types of their skincare products, it's imp...Read More
How To Make A Nice Container Used For Flower?
Release on 2018-06-02Several days ago, I became obsessed with arranging flower. I was looking for not only flowers, but also its container. By chance I found some simple b...Read More
5 Point You Should Know About Drinking Cold Drinks
Release on 2018-05-07In the very hot summer, many people will drink so much cold drinks to pursue cool feeling, In fact, this is not good for the body, if you really want ...Read More
How To Do When Cosmetic Spray Bottle Doesn'T Work
Release on 2018-04-10Many skincare products are compressed and stored in a cosmetic spray bottle, which not only makes the liquid more evenly sprayed, but also avoids dire...Read More
April Is As Hot As Summer, Let'S Drink More Juice
Release on 2018-04-06Scientists in many countries have studied for a long time that fruit juices can enhance immunity, reduce illness and delay aging. Practice has proven ...Read More
A Few Types Of Sauces
Release on 2018-02-05The sauce is used to improve the taste of all kinds of food to meet the satisfaction that the user asks for. China has a long history and rich knowled...Read More
How To Choose Plastic Bottles
Release on 2018-01-28In 1980s, China continually introduce advanced plastic bottle production line from abroad. That is the beginning of the "plastic" generation, since th...Read More
How Do You Deal With The Empty Cosmetics Bottle?
Release on 2018-01-20We sometimes buy a cosmetics because of its nice outer package. While when they was been used up, we often loathe to throw away the packaging bottle, ...Read More
How To Eat Olive Oil?
Release on 2017-12-12For the Chinese people who love light food, olive oil is a good choice. It not only satisfies the needs of the human body for edible oil nutrition, bu...Read More
What Skin Care Products Do You Take With When Travel?
Release on 2017-12-08What skin care products do you take with when travel? Read and get it! Traveling on business is a very common thing, But even if go out, we can't forg...Read More
Types Of Drinks
Release on 2017-10-30Beverage is a liquid food that is produced by different formula and manufacturing processes, use water as the basic raw material, and for human or liv...Read More
Why Beverage Bottle Is Round, Milk Box Is Square?
Release on 2017-10-27There is an illusion that the milk box is square and that the drink bottle is round. It should be said that, if use paper packaging, the milk box is a...Read More
Variety Types Of Carbonated Drinks
Release on 2017-10-24We are often drink carbonated beverages in daily life, Our factory also manufactures and exports these plastic carbonated beverage bottles, due to the...Read More
The More Clear Plastic Bottle Is, The Better It Is?
Release on 2017-10-05Transparent plastic bottle packaging has won unshakable status depends on its more and more transparent appearance in food, beverage packaging field. ...Read More