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Are our customers customizing these bottles to build zoos?
Release on 2018-07-20For a professional plastic bottle maker, customized unique design plastic bottle is not uncommon, some with funny shape, some for special use. Many ti...Read More
Jam And Jam Packaging Bottles
Release on 2018-07-17We often get inquiries from buyers about plastic jam bottles, so let's talk about jam today. Jam is a gel substances, by fruit, sugar and acidity regu...Read More
Use Plastic Bottles Package And Storage Honey
Release on 2018-07-13Honey is a favorite food for many people, it is a sticky transparent or translucent golden yellow colloidal liquid, usually stored in a transparent pl...Read More
The Design Of Plastic Perfume Bottle Needs To Be Further Developed
Release on 2018-07-10Today we share with you a few ideas about perfume bottles from the perspective of a Chinese plastic bottles manufacturer. When it comes to perfume bo...Read More
Laundry Detergent Bottles Need Further Improvement
Release on 2018-07-06After the laundry detergent appears, I do not know when to start, we gradually formed a fixed understanding of the laundry detergent, whenever you men...Read More
Plastic Bottle Play An Important Role In The Field Of Candy Packaging
Release on 2018-07-02I believe many people dream of being able to set up a shop full of candy when they are child, this dream has been realized already by someone. The aut...Read More
How Is The Plastic Bottle Blown?
Release on 2018-06-12Hollow blow molding is a forming method that place the tube which from extrusion or injection molding into the mold, and blow the tube expansion throu...Read More
New Plastic Product Of Zhenghao Company In May
Release on 2018-06-08To maintain sustainable development, a company must constantly innovate and improve its soft power, for a factory or a manufacturer, it means that we ...Read More
Cost Analysis Of Purchasing Plastic Bottle
Release on 2018-06-04How is the price of plastic bottle calculated? I believe many plastic bottle buyers want to know. the most basically, plastic bottles price can not be...Read More
Our US Customer Visited Our Factory Two Days Ago
Release on 2018-05-28On two days ago, one of our customer of US visited our factory, in Shenzhen China. our boss and sales manager have treated them friendly. What they wa...Read More
The Design Capability Of Cosmetic Bottle Is Very Important
Release on 2018-05-22These years many cosmetic factory mainly pursuit the high-end appearance, they mostly think that the high end appearance is the effective method to en...Read More
Companionship Is The Best Gift Of Mother'S Day
Release on 2018-05-12This Sunday also tomorrow is the annual Mother's Day, in this warmhearted and grateful holiday, how do you plan to give the mother a surprise? Perhaps...Read More
A Special Fruit-Shaped Plastic Packaging Bottle
Release on 2018-05-10Cosmetics are very important for women in the modern, not only depends on the product itself to open the market, but also they need the high quality a...Read More
The First Time Team Outdoor Activities
Release on 2018-04-22Yesterday zhenghao plastic bottle company have perfectly completed our first time team ourdoor activities of 2018, climbing the WuTong Mountain. At ei...Read More
What Kind Of Plastic Bottle Is Suitable For Liquor
Release on 2018-04-18People use PET plastic bottle to contain with liquor or beer, because they usually buy bulk liquors, it’s more convenient for them to hold the liquor...Read More
One-Stop OEM&ODM Solution For Plastic Bottle
Release on 2018-03-25As a professional plastic bottle supplier, factory and wholesaler, I would like to talk about our ONE-STOP OEM&ODM solution for plastic product today....Read More
New Product Plastic Sport Bottle With Pill Box
Release on 2018-03-13Sports bottle, as the name implies, is an appliance used to carry water in the outdoor sports. Sport bottle can be made of plastic, stainless steel, a...Read More
Our Plastic Bottle Will Sell Well On The MARCH EXPO
Release on 2018-03-05Today, March 5, Alibaba Group officially opened The MARCH EXPO which warm-up for 3 months, it is a promotional activities. This is the Alibaba platfor...Read More
Zhenghao Conference At The End Of 2017 And Early 2018
Release on 2018-02-09Today is the lunar December 24, we called it lunar year which is a transition of Chinese new year. This day means that Chinese 2017 year in the true m...Read More
Alibaba Shoots Certification Video For Our Company
Release on 2018-01-16Yesterday Alibaba Group shot video for enterprise certification in our company, recognize the authenticity and legitimacy of our company and factory o...Read More