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All Of Zhenghao Staff Wish You A Happy New Year!

Megan 2018-12-29 18:13:56
New Year's Day, the January 1 of the Gregorian calendar, is commonly known in most countries of the world as the "New Year." The concept of New Year's Day is different in different times and countries. Most countries in the world have adopted an international Gregorian calendar, taking January 1 as New Year's Day every year.

New Year's Day in ancient China is the Spring Festival of modern China. When modern China was founded, New Year’s Day was listed as an official holiday and a festival for the people of the whole country. But New Year's day is much less important to modern Chinese than the Spring Festival. While in many other countries, January 1 is a very important New Year's day, people will not only hold a variety of celebrations, but also give each other gifts to express their blessing, so many businesses will buy gifts in bulk at this time, a few months ago, some customers in our factory customized a batch of water bottle as gifts to give their customers, There are also some special products being consulted, such as this double happiness jar, a very ordinary plastic jar, but with Chinese elements, it is very special.

plastic water bottledouble happiness plastic jar

Of course, if you have more special plastic products as gifts, please send them to us, the sales will submit to the factory to provide you the solution. Finally, all of Zhenghao staff wish you all a happy New year and a happy holiday.