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New Design Of Plastic Bottle And Soft Tube In August

Megan 2018-09-07 15:25:32
It is September 7, 2018 now, don’t forget that our special discount for September is going on, meanwhile we are constantly working on new plastic products. Next, we’ll selectively introduce some new designs that were launched in August.

The first one is PP soy milk bottle, it is made of PP material by blow molding process, this material can withstand temperatures up to 110 °, so it can be used for holding hot soy milk which need high temperature sterilization. Its capacity is also suitable for one-time consumption of soy milk, and we can see creamy white item through its translucent perfectly.

PP soy milk bottle

The second one is pink cosmetic bottle and jar, like the picture below shows. The bottle is 120ml and the jar is 150ml, very common design but with those new size. Their design and capacity perfect for cosmetic cream and lotion, its pink reminds people of beautiful things like girls and spring breeze. If you want more information about them, please contact us for more pictures.

pink cosmetic bottle and jar

The third one is cosmetic soft tube, they can be used for cleanser,hand cream,eye cream and lip gloss. Size range from 5ml to 250ml, small size for lip gloss and bigger size for cleanser and hand cream. They are made of LDPE material, can be squeezable, usually cleanser tube fit with flip top cap and others tube fit with screw cap. Their natural color is clear and translucent, we also can custom color and do LOGO label to meet your requirement.

cosmetic soft tube

The last one is 40ml flat squeeze cream bottle, like the picture shows it have flat shape, upside down design, its 40ml portable size suitable for travel use, packaging shampoo,cream and lotion. And flat shape allows it to be tucked casually in one corner of the bag without taking up space.

40ml squeeze lotion bottle

That’s some of our new design of plastic products, if you interested in them, please contact us without hesitate. Also you can click the link for more plastic bottles.