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Customize Your Own Cosmetic Plastic Bottles

  • Author:Megan
  • Release on:2018-10-17
These days our flat shape cosmetic plastic bottles arepopular on my website. Now we will list the information on these bottles foryour reference, it is convenient for you to choose. Here is the picture as below.

flat cosmetic plastic bottle made by China supplier

The first is 120ml HDPE cream plasticbottle. Its specific size is, total height 104mm, length 81mm, width 27mm, necksize 24mm, usually fit with flip top cap, better for packaging cream.

The second is 120ml HDPE lotion plasticbottle, its specific size is, total height 130mm, length 65mm, width 28mm, necksize 20mm, fit with screw cap and flip top cap, better for packaging cream andlotion.

The third is 150ml HDPE lotion plastic bottle, its specific size is, total height131mm, length 71mm, width 28mm, goodfor cream and lotion with flip top cap or screw cap.

The last one is our 220ml HDPE plasticbottle, its total height 111mm, length 95mm, width 34mm. it can fit with screwcap, flip top cap and lotion pump for cosmetic cream.

They are all made of HDPE material, mattsurface, it can be customized to any color you want. And for their flat shape,they can be squeezed easily, not only to pack the cream lotion, but also topack the shampoo, just because of this feature, it is very popular with ourcustomers. Several customers who use similar bottle package are selling theirproducts all over the world.

Of course, we have more HDPE cosmeticbottle with other size, also with PET material, from 30ml to 1 liter, when youfit them with different cap, you get a new cosmetic bottle. We are professional plastic bottle maker in China, we have our mold making department and production line, have the ability of producing most of bottle with plastic material. It’s better that wecustomize your plastic bottle if you own your design, we provide LOGOprinting and label service together.