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How To Do When Cosmetic Spray Bottle Doesn'T Work

Megan jingyan.baidu.com 2018-04-11 18:37:24
Many skincare products are compressed and stored in a cosmetic spray bottle, which not only makes the liquid more evenly sprayed, but also avoids direct contact with skin care product by hand. Sometimes there are a lot of skin care products, but can not be sprayed out, now here are a few solution ways when the spray bottle does not work correctly.

PET spray bottle

The first method. Check if the spray nozzle is blocked. The spray nozzle is often composed of one or more very small holes. Check if there is any attachment on the spray nozzle, and if so, scrub the spray nozzle with wet wipe. If particles is drilled into the nozzle hole, you can pick out them with something spinous.

The second method, shaking the spray bottle. When the remaining cosmetic liquid in the bottle is unevenly distributed, it may also cause the spray bottle to not be used properly. At this time you can shake the bottle up and down, so that the remaining cosmetics evenly distributed, then you can spray it out.

The third method, rotate the spray nozzle. If the spray nozzle is fixed in a position for a long time, it may cause the spray bottle not to spray. and the nozzle of spray bottle is generally free to rotate, at now you can turn the nozzle clockwise or counterclockwise, this can also promote spray bottles to squirt things out.

The fourth method, open the bottle and check if the spray column is blocked. Spray column is the key component of the spray bottle, if the spray column blocked, it will not be able to spray, at this time, open the spray bottle, clean its spray column, by the way, wash the whole bottle, this makes it easier for the spray bottle to work.

In addition, there is another condition after the inspection, which is that the nozzle is completely broken. There is no other way but to replace it. Now when your cosmetic spray bottle doesn't spray, do you know what should to do? Similarly, if your big size spray gun bottle can't be used properly, it can be checked in these way.