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How To Use A Simple Plastic Bottle As Storage Box

Megan 2018-12-13 11:00:21
In our daily life, many people throw away the finished beverage bottles, so that the bottles are wasted, because they are a good storage tool, are you curious why simple plastic bottles can also become our storage tools? Next, the author shows you how plastic bottles can help us collect items.

First we take out and clean up a plastic bottle, then we cut the plastic bottle from the bottle opening to the bottom, leave a one-fourth at the bottom, and then use the lighter to burn the incision slightly, this will prevent scratching of our hands, so what exactly can a small bottle like this be used to packaged?

At ordinary times, many people who travel out will bring some toiletries with them. They are usually packed in plastic bags. This is very unsanitary. We can pack up the toiletries and put them in the plastic bottle, and then screw the mouth of the bottle with a lid. It's very convenient to carry it.

Some friends who like to go out for picnics can also put tableware in plastic bottles. In this way, they can keep the tableware sanitary and find it very convenient. Other fragmented items like scissors and art knives, all can be packaged with plastic bottles safely.

Eggs are very fragile, must be carefully stored, and eggs are very difficult to carry. So we can put the eggs in and store them, and if they're not squeezed by gravity, they're very safe.

A small plastic bottle helps us solve some of the minor problems in our lives. Does it incredible? in fact, we just have to pay attention to these phenomena in our lives. Can help us to a certain extent to reduce a lot of problems in life!