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Which Wines Are Suitable For Girl To Drink In The Bar?

Megan 2018-11-28 14:43:11
As a juice plastic bottle manufacturer, we sold many juice bottle, some of it use in the bar, this made me think of more pub drinks. Then I’d like to write an article about the juice or wines that are suitable for drinking in a bar. The choice of wine is usually a headache for girls. Juice is too common, wine is too expensive, beer is not good enough, pure wine is easy to get drunk. But going to a bar without drinking seems a bit wrong. So here are some suitable wines for your reference.

First, pearl red sweet wine with ice. The ice slowly melts, properly dilutes the wine, and balances the sweetness. It blends the red jujube, the cinnamon, the preserves, the dried fruit, the caramel, and the honey, its overall taste is sweet, with the fragrance of honey and fragrans, they stimulate the taste buds, and last for a long time. Slightly drunk is the best state in the process of drinking, not only to enjoy the beauty of wine, but also an appropriate state. The beauty of pearl Red Sweet wine lies in the wonderful feelings and thoughts of the people in the state of slightly drunk, which makes everyone taste impressed.

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Second, cocktails, they are actually mixed wines. They generally refer to the mixing of spirits with juice and soda, and occasionally other materials, such as cream and eggs, significantly reduce the concentration of alcohol, therefore, it can be popular among women. The taste of cocktails varies according to the mind of the maker, usually, In order to enhance the beauty of cocktails, they attach great importance to coloring, such as lemon, cherry tomatoes and other brightly colored fruits.

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Third, fruit wine, which made from fruit other than grapes, the main ingredients are apple, pear, cherry, blackcurrant, strawberry, plum, kiwi fruit and so on. Drink fruit wine should not be empty stomach, and don’t drink with other wine. The best way is to match some soda biscuits or vegetable salad, not only to protect gastric mucosa from irritation in advance, but also to slow down the rate of alcohol absorption, and to enhance the taste of the wine.

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Fourth, liqueur. also called after-dinner sweet wine, a transliteration of French liqueur. It is a sweetened alcoholic beverage, which is made up of various flavoring items based on distilled liquor (brandy, whisky, rum, gin, vodka). It has a high or medium amount of alcohol, with delicate color, unique aroma and sweet taste. Because of its high sugar content, relative density and bright colors, it can also be used for cooking, baking, ice cream, pudding and desserts.

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Fifth, sparkling wine. Its professional interpretation refers to wines with carbon dioxide pressure greater than 1 bar at 20 ℃. Colloquially speaking, it is a bubbling wine. Sparkling wine is a kind of wine rich in carbon dioxide, suitable for all kinds of festive occasions. It is served in Europe as a pre-meal aperitif, chilled to 8~ 12 degrees before drinking. While for Americans with a strong taste, they prefer to drink it with dessert. Most people choose a thin, tall champagne cup to drink sparkling wine, in this way, they can carefully see the bubble in detail, but can’t enjoy the charming aroma through the narrow cup mouth, so it is recommended to use a slightly wider bottle of tulip cup.

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The above five drinks suitable for girls, whether wine or juice, can basically be placed in our bar juice bottle, it is usually paired with flip top and pump, as shown in the following picture, which convenient for the bartender or themselves to pick up the wine. Of course, if you have more and more new and unique styles, please show us, we would be happy to help you realize.

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