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The Straw Makes It Easier To Use A Hand Sanitizer Bottle

Megan baijiahao.baidu.com 2018-12-11 11:49:14
Usually when we use hand sanitizer or bath lotion which packaged by flip top bottle, there's always liquid around the bottle after using, and the slippery bottle is inconvenient for using especially in cold winter. In fact, you can completely avoid this problem only need a straw.

liquid soap bottle

First of all, we need to prepare a bottle of hand sanitizer, a bendable straw and double-sided glue.

hand sanitizer bottle

Next, open the cap of the hand sanitizer bottle and insert the straw along the small hole in the cap into the hand sanitizer liquid.

hand sanitizer bottle

Then, cut a piece of double-sided glue on the bottle with scissors and fasten it to the wall next to the bathroom sink.

PET hand sanitizer bottle

Finally, whenever you need to wash your hands with hand sanitizer, just press the bottle, and the hand sanitizer inside the bottle will flow along the straw so that the soap bottle doesn't get dirty.
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plastic hand sanitizer bottle