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How Do You Deal With The Empty Cosmetics Bottle?

Megan 2018-01-20 13:42:28
We sometimes buy a cosmetics because of its nice outer package. While when they was been used up, we often loathe to throw away the packaging bottle, but there seems to be no choice but to throw out. In fact, many skin care bottles and jars are very good design, with special or beautiful appearance. If you can make good use of them, there will be many interesting thing. Let's explore some simple but great usage together.

Flower vase or planting green plant

With the empty large perfume bottle, put out its nozzle and straw, leaving only the body bottle, pouring a half bottle of water, plug in a flower, it becomes a simple and stylish vase.

It is another feeling to tear the label off the bottle.

Many make-up water bottles and lotion bottles that with long neck and narrow mouth, we can plug some small long thin wildflowers in them. It brings us a refreshing feeling.

If you feel that the true flower is not easy to plant, you can also plug in some artificial flowers directly, and also achieve the purpose of flower arrangement. When it comes to arranging flowers, of course you also can plant green plant. Like some big and long bottle, just put water in bottle to be able to plant green plant. Most notably, the perfect match with the face cream bottle and jar should be a small, lovely succulent plant, not only easy to plant but also very mini cute.

Small storage containers

There is no doubt that empty cosmetics bottles also can be used as a small storage containers. For example, as it the brush holder on the desk, and storage some daily necessities, like buttons, coins, also some make-up container, to store rings, earrings, necklaces, etc.

Do decoration by yourself

Add some lovely and interesting decorations, then empty bottles become a nice decoration.

Packing makeup when traveling

Or collect small bottle, you can pack cosmetics in it, when going out, take it. Such a small and portable bottle, it doesn't take up space. so you can use hand cream or facial spray anytime and anywhere conveniently.

  Many people say that only glass bottles can be used in many way. In fact, plastic cosmetic bottles also can be used like these. Like below the cosmetic cream bottle, because of its thick wall and high transparency, so that from the appearance, it has the characteristics of glittering and translucent like glass, it can also be used for DIY aromatherapy bottles, flower arranging or green planting.

So, before you toss out the empty bottles, consider if they can become a better existence.

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