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5 Point You Should Know About Drinking Cold Drinks

Megan 2018-05-07 16:16:58
In the very hot summer, many people will drink so much cold drinks to pursue cool feeling, In fact, this is not good for the body, if you really want to drink, you should pay attention to the method, so how to drink cold drink correctly in the summer? Now Zhenghao plastic bottle company share with you some relative tips:

1.Don't drink too much cold drink.

The best temperature for a drink is between 30 and 32 degrees Celsius, close to body temperature. However, the temperature of cold drinks is generacold drink business operatorslly lower than that in the stomach, and prolonged drinking too much cold drink can cause the gastric mucosa to be constricted, which causes the stomach to weaken the defense function and affect the health. So try to minimize the number of cold drinks.

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2.Don't have cold drinks before or after dinner.

Body blood while eating mostly concentrated in the stomach and other digestive organs, if immediately after a meal to have cold drinks, this causes a sharp contraction in the blood vessels in the stomach and reduce blood flow, at the same time the cold water will dilute gastric juice, these can affect the digestion. In addition, the stimulation of cold water also speeds up the gastrointestinal peristalsis, Further affect the body's absorption of nutrients.

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3.Don't drink iced drinks for breakfast.

The human body always likes the warm environment, when the body keep warm, the microcirculation will be normal, oxygen, nutrition even waste will flow smoothly.So don't have iced drinks at breakfast.You should eat hot food to protect your stomach. Based on the theory of Chinese medicine, It is necessary to comply with the body natural environment so that better protect all parts of the body.

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4.Don't have cold drinks after exercise.

After exercise in summer, it’s unscientific that have too much cold drinks. Strenuous exercise can cause the body temperature to rise, at this time, a large amount of cold drink is a strong cold stimulation for digestive tract, it speeds up the digestive tract, and cause abdominal pain, diarrhea. Many times will cause digestion and absorption dysfunction, resulting in indigestion or other diseases.

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5.Cold drinks and warm drinks are not suitable for alternating drinking

Some people just had a cold drink, and immediately have warm coffee, warm milk or other warm beverage, such a sharp change of temperature can easily make teeth stimulated by tooth disease. Moreover, alternate drinking on the gastrointestinal tract is also disadvantageous, easy to cause digestive dysfunction.

Remember the above points and we can have a delicious cold drink in the hot summer. The above is a cold drink plastic bottles distributor to share with you, if you are a cold drink business operators that need plastic packaging bottles, please feel free to contact us.