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A Few Types Of Sauces

Megan 2018-02-05 12:12:00
The sauce is used to improve the taste of all kinds of food to meet the satisfaction that the user asks for. China has a long history and rich knowledge in the developing and consumption of sauces. There are many varieties of sauce, some are traditional Oriental sauces, some as well as imported and emerging sauces. Here are some of the more common sauces.

Shiitake mushroom sauce:

Shiitake mushroom sauce is a ready-to-eat seasoning, which take the mushroom as the main raw material, mixed with soybean paste, mixed oil, five spices powder, ginger, salt, sugar and other ingredients to mix with the ready condiments. It can be combined with various Chinese and Western snacks, noodles, porridge, rice, Japanese sushi and so on. After the United Nations grain and oil conference put forward a healthy eating habit, "a meat, a vegetarian, a mushroom", mushrooms ready-to-eat products is more and more popular. Now, the market is selling the mushroom sauce products are: BaiShanZu mushroom sauce and ZhongJing mushroom sauce, and so on.

Chili sauce:

Chilli is the main sauce in chili sauce, and then add the garlic (according to the number of chilli and personal preference), vinegar and sesame oil. Put it in a sealed jar and take it with you. It can be used for salad, noodles, cooking, anything as you like.

Ketchup also called tomato sauce:

Tomato sauce is a sauce-like concentrated product of fresh tomatoes. It is a distinctive condiment with fresh red color, have the unique tomatoes flavor, and generally not directly to eat. Tomato sauce is made of mature red tomatoes by crushing, pulping, removal of skin and seeds, such as coarse material, and then enrichment, canning, sterilization. It commonly used for fish, meat and other food cooking seasoning, to enhance color, add acid, help fresh. The tomato sauce is an important seasoning content for the formation of Hong Kong Cantonese cuisine characteristics.

Salad dressing:

Salad dressing, originated in the Mediterranean island of Minoca, is made of a large quantity of eggs and oil, which has a long-standing place in the diet. The consumption of salad dressings continues to increase and more pronounced in the near term, especially among young people, who cannot help but add salad dressings to all their food, including those that have already been cured. They are called "Mayora". This is a newly coined phrase that combines the first few letters of the salad dressing, as well as the English word tail “-er” or “-or”, like the two words of the “driver” or “the visitor”.

About the sauce bottle packaging:

As these sauces which sale in market are packed in big can, that is not a good way to measure the weight of the poured sauce, and maybe have a waste. So we usually bottle these sauces in a plastic bottle which can be squeezed easily. Commonly used sauce packaging bottle are LDPE sauce plastic bottle and soft PET sauce bottle. They are food grade material and sealed greatly, the most important thing is making us a better cooking experience and no waste.

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