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How To Make A Nice Container Used For Flower?

Megan Zhenghao Plastic 2018-06-02 09:55:59
Several days ago, I became obsessed with arranging flower. I was looking for not only flowers, but also its container. By chance I found some simple but creative tips to maker flower arranging container, now we don’t need to get a very usual flower pot for money, just a empty plastic bottle can do it. Now I'd like to show you how to make a flower arranging container use a recycled plastic bottle by yourself.

Prepare some tools: a whole empty plastic bottle, scissors, knife, paint.

Making steps:

Firstly, cut up a empty round plastic bottle into two and a half (One third of the bottle mouth and two thirds of the bottom), drill two holes into the bottle cap.

Secondly, fill the bottom of bottle with water, the water level should cover at least the mouth of the bottle, and put some soil in the bottom of the bottle.

Thirdly, put the mouth part down into the other part, and just begin to arrange your flower.

If you don’t like it transparent, you also can paint it color or pattern.

Isn’t it easy? Yes, you also can try another tip:

You also can lay the empty plastic bottle flat on the desk, cut its top part by a long hole, then fill water in it to plant a scindapsus aureus and some mini goldfish, a simple plastic aquarium finished.

Just very simple tools and methods, you can complete a art work, why not?

Of course, as a professional plastic bottles maker, we have to mention an easier way today, directly make a plastic bottle container for arranging or planting flower as a special vase. Yes, someone has been done it, the new design bottle below is custom-made by our customer to arrange flower. It is 500ml, with round shape, both of size and shape are suitable as a flower arranging container. We can see it has a tamper proof top, when using it arrange flower, we can cut it from bottle neck, then it will looks very nice.
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