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How To Eat Olive Oil?

Megan baidu.com 2017-12-12 18:44:48
For the Chinese people who love light food, olive oil is a good choice. It not only satisfies the needs of the human body for edible oil nutrition, but also satisfies the modern people's pursuit of health, nutrition and delicious.

Olive oil in the West is known as "liquid gold", "Vegetable oil Queen", "Mediterranean dew", it contains nutrients that more suitable for human digestion and absorption, which is not available in other vegetable oils. It is therefore not only suitable for cooking, but also for beauty and health care, which is considered the healthiest edible oil.

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According to the current Chinese people's eating habits, there is three ways of eating olive oil are recommended for reference only.

First, for drink: When morning or in the evening before bedtime, directly drink about 15ml of raw olive oil, can reduce blood lipids, blood sugar. Regular drinkers can drink 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil before drinking to protect the stomach and intestines. After a few weeks of adherence, some physiological indicators that were not normal will be significantly improved.

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Second, for salad: Olive oil can be directly mixed with various types of meat,vegetables and pasta, you can make salad and a variety of mayonnaise, you can apply bread and other food. The food mixed with olive oil is brightly colored, taste smooth and smells good,has a rich Mediterranean flavor. In this way, it is easy to make, not to smoke, and very healthy.

Third, for cooking: olive oil can be directly cooked with a variety of meat and vegetables, to stew, boil and simmer, The dishes that are seasoned with olive oil are delicious and unique, and they will never be greasy like common oil. Putting some of olive oil in a hot pot seasoning can increase the sweetness of the food.

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Of course, olive oil in addition to its own high nutritional value, the appearance is also very bright, a good olive oil must be packaged with good plastic bottles, to fully reflect its bright golden color, and show a healthy,delicious and not greasy texture.

The plastic bottle of below picture is usually used to pack olive oil, It is transparent and hard PETG material, flat shape, there is no doubt that with food grade.

PETG wine bottle