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What Skin Care Products Do You Take With When Travel?

Megan www.sohu.com 2017-12-08 14:50:20

What skin care products do you take with when travel? Read and get it!

Traveling on business is a very common thing,

But even if go out, we can't forget to protect face skin.

We often want to go out easily and take a few bottle and cans, but should worry about the lack preparation will affect the appearance.

So, what kind of skin care products should to bring when take on trip?

First, prepare essential skin care products.

In particular, you should pay attention to the stability of your skin, so makeup remover + cleaning + basic care belt, but local care, complicated and mixed skin care products can be saved appropriately.

Facial care needs to take these:

Discharge makeup: the best choice that travel to bring is discharge makeup towel, discharge makeup water and discharge makeup lotion, discharge makeup cream volume is bigger, it is not convenient to carry and use, can be ignored.

Cleansing: the cleaning products are as mild as possible. But no matter how harsh the environment is, it is best not to use a facial cleanser with a scrub quality. This product with exfoliating and deep cleaning can easily cause secondary damage to the skin.

Toner/essential water: this kind of hydrating, moisturizing products as long as the ingredients are mild. It's enough to carry a small bottle if it's not portable.

Lotion/cream: these two kinds of products according to your destination, the secretion of sebum and whether the face is clear. the higher the temperature, more greasy face is, so we should prefer to choose fresh latex products, and vice versa can choice cream products.

Sun cream: Wherever you travel, whether you're in the sun or not, sunscreen is mandatory. As long as it is outdoor activity, must remember to be fully protected from the sun, prevent uv damage skin. It's best to wear sunscreen half an hour before you leave, and don't forget your parasol and sunshade.

Body Care:

There is no requirement for the bath and body lotion to be taken with you. If you want, you can also use a small bottle to repackaging lotion.

Second,What should I do after deciding what to bring?

Have chose the skin care product that wants to bring, how should receive? Skin care products and cosmetics must be categorized separately. These two types of products are a sad story no matter which one is contaminating each other...

This article introduces a set of small bottles to install these products. like below bottles, The PET material is clean and tidy, and the small capacity of 30ml is also very suitable for traveling. The most important thing is that they can be go with different lids, such as screw caps, sprinkler heads, pump heads, and covers, to meet a variety of uses.

Then, find a suitable bag for your convenience. The best is soft shell, waterproof, do not take a position, can avoid to accept bag to get water still do not have to be able to plug into the box inside worry.

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