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A Special Fruit-Shaped Plastic Packaging Bottle

  • Author:Megan
  • Release on:2018-05-10
Cosmetics are very important for women in the modern, not only depends on the product itself to open the market, but also they need the high quality and unique shape of packaging bottle to attract more customers, this increase the added value of products, as well as cater to women pursuit of fashionable consumer goods.

For the vast majority of women, skin care is an indispensable part of life, it is used almost every day. Therefore, no matter which country or region, cosmetics have a huge market, and competition is also the fiercest. So there is no doubt that the competition for cosmetics should start with packaging and attract your target customers with your unique packaging.

Recently, the author have seen in a cosmetics store, there are several kinds of skin care products that are particularly conspicuous, its appearance is like fruit, there are pear, apple, peach and lemon and other shapes, look very cute, many customers are unconsciously stopped there, and some female customer without hesitate to take to the bill. "These are hand creams, with different fruit shapes to represent the corresponding fragrance, it looks like real fresh fruit, lovely, and inexpensive, so very popular with young women customers." "A sales person in the shop said.

This kind of skin care product packing uses the plastic material to make, lightweight, convenient, and easy to carry. And after the use of skin care products, empty bottles can also be used as a piggy bank, jewelry boxes and other storage containers which are recycled, both environmentally friendly and practical. At the same time, it also have dual feature of practical and aesthetic, when providing people with cosmetic efficacy, but also let people enjoy in visually.

Recently, as a professional plastic cosmetic packaging bottle manufacturer, we have developed a special design of cosmetic packaging bottle, it is plastic PET material, with fruit-shaped and pineapple-shaped, used for cosmetics packaging, to pack hand cream or face cream, its 24mm neck also can be fit with suitable cap to be another type of packaging bottle, such as a beverage bottle with plain screw cap, a perfume bottle with mist sprayer, and so on as you like.

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