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About The Dragon Boat Festival In China

  • Author:Megan
  • Source:Zhenghao Plastic
  • Release on:2018-06-19
The Dragon Boat Festival is the fifth day of the fifth lunar month every year in China, and there are many different names everywhere. Dragon Boat Festival originated in China, it is a totem sacrifice festival held by ancient baiyue tribes(today's southern China) which worshipping the dragon totem, the totem ceremony customs in the Dragon Boat Festival tribal are related to the dragon, such as eating Zongzi, dragon boat races, people throw zongzi into the water to be eaten by the dragon, and the boat race also use a dragon shaped boat.

We first say the origin of the Dragon Boat Festival. Most folklore is to commemorate the great poet Qu Yuan in Chinese history, he is also a good minister of a country, legend has it that one day he threw himself into a river and died, many people could not bear to his death, so they rowed boats to save him. Evolution so far, this story has become a popular dragon boat festival in China today. Other claims are in memory of two other famous figures in Chinese history.

Moreover, we must talk about the famous folk customs of the Dragon Boat Festival. Whether it is eating Zongzi, rowing dragon boat or other traditional customs, almost all related to Qu Yuan. In fact, Zongzi is just a folk common food, also not fixed in the Dragon Boat Festival day to eat, and then the convention became the Dragon Boat Festival to commemorate Qu Yuan's food, so this custom passed down, until today, Zongzi developed a special food with different shapes and tastes, mainly are sweet and salty, geographically divided into south and north two factions. And the flavor is also different everywhere, you can add any condiments as you like, now It has become a Chinese specialty.

Since May 2006, the State Council has included it the first national Intangible cultural Heritage List, and since 2008, the Dragon Boat Festival has been listed as a national legal holiday. On this day many people will be reunited, so for the Chinese, apart from the story of Qu Yuan there are many other important significance. As a Chinese entrepreneur, we should not only make high quality plastic bottles for buyers all over the world, but also embrace the world in the spirit of conveying Chinese culture.