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The "Laba Rice Porridge" Festival

Megan 2018-01-24 11:43:07
According to legend, the founder of Buddhism, sakyamuni is the son of King Suddhodana in the ancient northern India. He saw that all living beings were suffering from sickness and death, and he was dissatisfied with the pine right of the brahmin. SO he abandoned the throne and became a monk.

At first he had no harvest, after six years of hard work, under a bodhi tree, there he received enlightenment and became the Buddha, that was the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month. During these six years, he only ate one meter per day. Later generations do not forget his sufferings, so eat porridge on the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month to commemorate him.

Then "Laba" became the "Buddha's day of remembrance". it is a great festival of Buddhism. Before liberation, buddhist temples held buddha will, chanting scriptures, and follow the example of sakyamuni, who has a legend of chylous women, cook porridge with fragrant valley, fruit and other cereals for the Buddha, called "laba porridge", gave to the disciples and the believers, and became customs in the folk later.

It is said that before the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month, many monks of temples handheld bowl and walk along the street to beg for alms, distributed the laba rice porridge boiled by collected rice, chestnut, jujube, nuts and other materials to the poor.

They say that after eating it can be blessed by the Buddha, so the poor people called it "Buddha congee". The poem of the southern song dynasty Lu You:" today the Buddha's porridge is distributed to more place, and everything here is fresh and vibrant." People say there is a "stack of rice floor" in the tianning temple in hangzhou, at ordinary times monks usually dry up the leftovers, after accumulating over a year's surplus grain, they cooked the “laba porridge“, known as the "longevity porridge", which means that after eating it can increase longevity. It can be seen that the monks that time how cherish grain.

This custom continues today, rural people would collect the harvest of various meters at ordinary times, like rice, jujubes, nuts etc, and use plastic seal food jar to storage them. Different grains are placed in a plastic food jar, so that they are better placed and preserved. Every time there comes the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month, they take these ingredients and make them into laba porridge. Sometimes the ingredients need to be kept for over a year, because the storage time is long and the grains are easy to worm, so this is a very high requirement for the storage container, it must be sealed well and met food grade.

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