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Celebrate Chinese New Year With Joy

Megan 2018-02-14 17:47:05
Two days later, it’s the Chinese Lunar new years, and what are the specific customs before the new Year?

Usually the new year from the Lunar December 24 start officially, this day, something people mainly do is the year-end cleaning. That time whole family cleaning the house, the courtyard, scrubbing pots and bowls and washing bedding and clothes together, the moral is to welcome the New Year cleanly.

Lunar December 25, "make tofu." Making tofu means not just making tofu, but preparing enough food for the new year. Now that the material economy is so developed, people will prepare all kinds of rich food to welcome the New Year, which also means a bumper harvest next year.

Lunar December 26, people prepare meat on this day, some will buy fresh pork in the market, some will prepare chicken and duck by themselves. This custom is because of that, in the past long ago, the economy is not developed, people rarely eat meat, so the preparation of meat as a very important custom.

In the Lunar December 27, people bathe, wash, and wash all sorts of other things on this day. Meaning to remove the misfortune of a year, ready to greet the new year.

Lunar December 28, people in this day will decorate their home beautifully, they usually posted New Year pictures, spring festival couplets, window grilles and a variety of Spring festival posted things.

Lunar December 29, people on this day will call up a family to worship their ancestors, worshiping ancestor in China has a long history. This embodies not only filial piety, but also the virtues of respecting the old. As early as the Han Dynasty, the Chinese ancestor worship activity was already a very important activity in the Spring Festival.

The Lunar December 30. Also called New Year's Eve, it refers to the last evening of the lunar month, it is connected to the beginning of the first month, so it was as grand as Christmas Eve. On this day people will be together to stickers couplets and pray for the coming year, and make a good dinner and enjoy it.

Then is Lunar New Year's Day, all the way to the Lantern Festival, about half a month, during this time, people visit relatives and friends, they bless and treat each other warmly.

Another custom associated with the Chinese New Year is CCTV Spring Festival Gala, When the program is broadcast, the overseas people of the world can see the live show together with their compatriots in China. If foreign friends are interested in Chinese New Year, you can pay attention to our CCTV live program.

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