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How Do Chinese People Celebrate New Year'S Day?

Megan 2017-12-29 19:42:56
New Year is celebrating the beginning of the new year, in China, the new year is also a legal holiday. China and many other countries or regions in the world use the Gregorian calendar, the January 1 as the beginning of the new year, called "New Year." But Chinese people also have traditional spring festival. So, how do Chinese celebrate the new Year? What are the customs of Chinese New Year? Now let's get to know them.

Because the new year was born in the Republic of China, and was evolved from the Spring Festival, so, when Chinese just beginning to celebrate the new Year, the customs of their celebration is mostly similar to the Spring Festival, or the Chinese New Year's shrinking version. After all, the new year is not China's traditional festivals, they also use some traditional methods of celebration: such as setting off firecrackers, killing some fowl, worship ghosts, worship ancestors and so on, but in the eyes of people do not see how important the status of Occupy. In modern times, the celebration of the new Year is simpler.

The first Celebration of the New Year customs:

All over China even the whole world knows, many countries make the new Year as a statutory holiday, on the New Year's Day holiday. After the founding of the New China, it also stipulates that the new year is a legal holiday and a holiday day.

The second New Year's celebration customs:

Now more common custom is the organization of group activities, such as New Year's party, hanging slogans celebrating the new year, or holding collective activities, in the past, they playing drums and dancing, these phenomena are can also be seen on the television documentary now. For the development of science and technology today, custom has evolved into a party. In recent years, young people often take tourism, gatherings and play other programs on this day, in short, the new year does not have too many traditional customs, this day's holiday has evolved a relax freedom time for people, even just a holiday day for the younger generation.

The third New Year's celebration customs:

The traditional way of celebrating the Chinese tradition is in the folk, especially in the countryside. Every new year, each family will set off firecrackers, kill chickens and geese, and start a family reunion meal after worship all gods. With regard to more intense celebrations, there have not been seen yet in China.

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