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520, The World'S First Online Valentine's Day

Megan 2018-05-20 08:32:04
Today is a very special day for Chinese couples, this is a day when each other express and pursuit love. Yes, just China's annual 520 Valentine's Day, this is the world's first online Valentine's Day, while how to say today is Valentine's Day? As a unadulterated Chinese people, also a plastic bottle maker in Shenzhen,China, now we will let you know some about this Online Valentine’ Day.

Why call it Valentine's Day on 520?
In the early 21st century, the internet world quietly emerged from a number of hundreds of millions of netizens spontaneously organized the network festival-online Valentine's Day.

This is the first fixed day of the virtual network World, scheduled May 20 and May 21 each year, because the homophonic "520" and "521" are "I love You" in Chinese.

What are the characteristics of this Day?

The 520 is mainly for women, and 521 is mainly for the male set of festivals. Men will vindicate "520" (I Love You) for their wives or girlfriend when May 20. And the women who moved will response their husband or boyfriend by answering “yes” or “no” on May 21, they will also reply "521" said (I am willing, I love you). Therefore, May 20 and May 21 of every year is the "Online Valentine's Day" and it has become a good day when couples together to register marriage and holding wedding ceremony.

How to celebrate it?

When in the festival, all sorts of "show their happiness" at the Moment of WeChat, "5.20" or "52.0" of red packet flying everywhere, marriage on this day is a more popular way than on Chinese valentine's day. Boys usually send roses and a teddy bear to girls, many public places like restaurants and movie theaters are full of couples, and in this holiday blessing who release on WeChat Moment are accompanied by a love motto.

The marketing language of e-commerce vendors is also asking you "why don't you still get married and what are you waiting for?..." Walking on the road, the jewelry store is discounting, the wedding photo shop sending flowers if you order, the flower shop is working overtime, even milk tea shop has a special price! The online "520" gift sales are also very popular, couple cups, chocolates, jigsaw puzzles, combs, t-shirts...There are so many different products, so long as they can be touched by this Day, the merchants will use the "520" to promote it. even Thailand is taking a romantic trip with 520.

This online valentine's day is very interesting. Not only these, as a China plastic bottle manufacturer, we also provide other news for you.