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Why Chinese Eat Dumplings In Winter Solstice?

Megan zhidao.baidu.com 2017-12-23 13:36:14
Winter solstice is one of the solar term, which means the collection of all things to avoid the cold. It is customary for our country people to take this day as the formal beginning of winter. "Nor eat dumplings in winter, frozen off ears and no one care!" In the north of China, it is common to eat dumplings, but why does Chinese eat dumplings in winter?"

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About the winter solar terms, it is from a nation history custom. In the past, our country used to be a farming society, people who have labored for a year reward their family for hard work and take a good rest themself by the way. There is a proverb, "Winter winter, fill empty mouth" is the best metaphor. In the China northern region, they like to take dumplings as tonic food of winter.

Nowadays, dumpling is a folk food which has a long history, dumpling is a Chinese traditional custom during the Spring Festival. Winter solstice is the turn of autumn and winter season, and the pronunciation of “turn” in Chinese is similar as the “jiaozi” which means dumpling in Chinese.

So it must eat dumpling when at the “turn”, so dumpling is well received by the people's welcome. Folk have "No more delicious food but dumplings" of the saying. Dumplings become an essential delicacy every Spring festival. Now people of new age have gradually restored this ancient custom, in winter day, all kinds of dumplings sell very popular.

Look at the delicious food, are you hungry?

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