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What Is The Difference Between Fruit Juice, Dew & Syrup?

Megan 2018-11-01 20:15:57
Taiwanese-style tea drinkin order to increase the change and characteristics of drinking, often addfruit flavor to make it more distinctive. The raw materials that increase thesweet and flavor of fruit include fruit juice, fruit dew, fruity syrup and soon, in which the fruit juice category accounted for the majority. So what's thedifference between those three? Today, let's take a look at it together.

Thefruit juice is divided into fresh fruit juice, cold press juice andconcentrated juice.

Coldpress juice is manufactured by a professional factory, fruit first through themulti-channel process thoroughly cleaned, and then into the production line,automated machinery and equipment for the juicing and bottling, and thenquickly frozen at low temperature below minus 18 degrees rapidcryopreservation.

Concentratedfruit juice is concentrated by vacuum method, its principle is that thepressure and water boiling point dropping, then removing water from fresh juicein about 50 degrees to 60 degrees, so the sugar content of some concentratedfruit juice will be raised to more than 65 degrees, before actual drinking itmust be diluted with water to normal juice.

FruitDew belong to a high concentration juice which added 50% fruit juice and muchsugar, the earliest we know is the sweet passion fruit syrup in Taiwan, becauseby adding sugar to reduce the acidity of passion fruit,this is more in line with consumer needs.

Fruity syrupcontains a higher concentration of fruit juice than fruit dew, itmust be diluted before drink, and if the raw materials used more fresh fruitraw materials, the cost will be higher, therefore, there are also low-costfruity syrup products, which are made from more ingredients than fruit juices,like sugar, spices and other raw materials mixed.

Fruitjuices produced by different processes do have different flavors, on thepalate, fresh juice is the best which has kept the original taste, cold pressjuices can keep the original taste for a long time, but as the storage time,the taste will slowly become worse, while the concentrated juice still has atemperature change, so will lose some aroma of the fruit, and the difference intaste will be more obvious.

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