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Where To Buy Juice Packaging Bottle

  • Author:Megan
  • Release on :2018-11-08
We often see netizens asking where to buy plastic juice bottles, as a juice bottle manufacturer in China, we are so glad to answer you this question, we wholesale juice plastic bottle in Shenzhen,China.

After Halloween, most of the Northern Hemisphere is already in the winter, cold weather, but still can drink fruit juice. In the last article, I mentioned the difference between fresh Juice and concentrated juice. If you rarely drink fresh Juice in winter, try concentrated juice. Today we’d like to recommend is our classical plastic juice bottle, here is a specific product introduction and inquiry links.

juice plastic bottle

It is made of PET material, we use 100% virgin material, so it featured with food grade, BPA free, eco-friendly, and recyclable. they are 250ml and 450ml size, the two bottles are the same length in 59mm, and same neck in 38mm, its difference is that the height, one is 176mm, the other is 119mm. these two size is perfect for concentrated juice packaging, and its French square shape is also suitable for juice packaging, so they are popular in many markets, and these are why we named them Classical.

Of course the reason why it can be our Classical product is because we have experienced engineers, responsible technical workers, and strict quality inspection and management system, we can ensure that every product sold can reflect the perfect quality.

If you need these two design, please click the product link and send inquiry to us, we also have many round juice bottle for your reference, and we have the ability of making new bottle mold if you own your design and we can customize LOGO, it benefit for your brand promotion.