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The Design Of Plastic Perfume Bottle Needs To Be Further Developed

Megan 2018-07-10 19:52:26
Today we share with you a few ideas about perfume bottles from the perspective of a Chinese plastic bottles manufacturer.

When it comes to perfume bottles, we definitely want to know the origin of the perfume. Some articles say that perfume first originated in Ancient Egypt, Ancient India and other countries with an ancient civilization, the origin of the perfume are different, of course, ancient China is also a long history of perfume development.

The ancient Chinese woman has the habit of incense, they used secret spices to make sachets to carry around, or soaked sachets in water to bathe in. Real modern perfume began in 19th century, and China introduced modern perfume is probably the 20th Century Republic era, when the Republic of women more commonly used perfume.

Again, let’s know about the history of perfume packaging bottles. The origin of perfume bottles can be traced back to 1500 BC, the perfume bottles were glass material, that time glass products are rare, it is a symbol of power and dignity. When 50 BC, metal and enamel containers began to apply in the perfume market. By the 18th century, Oriental ceramics became the trend, ceramic perfume bottles were fragile and not easy to transport, so it became precious. Time to 1907, the spray perfume bottle was born.

A balloon is attached outside the bottle, and the perfume liquid is sprayed out by squeezing the balloon. After World War II, perfume bottles persified design reflects people's pursuit of inpiduality, metal, plastic and glass materials, hand-painted, printing and other decorative applications in the perfume bottle.

After 21st century, perfume bottles are full of personality, it is difficult to find common. But there is no dispute that perfume bottles are more and more unique to meet requirements.

So, when we design plastic perfume bottles, what good ideas can be used. From a manufacturer's point of view, the main can be in the shape and decoration two aspects. One is in shape. art from life, many things in life can become the imitation of perfume bottles, may be a drinking cup on your desk, maybe your handbag, maybe a pumpkin, can also be a pair of shoes.

The other is in a decorative aspect, now many Chinese elements are very popular, you can draw blue and white element in the bottle, and the pattern of blue and white porcelain has more choice. Also you can work on the color, such as deliberately with Chinese red. You can also wear silk clothes directly to the bottle. In this way there are actually many possibilities.

30ml perfume plastic bottle

So does it feel like there's still a lot of room for improvement in the design of perfume bottles? If you have any plastic perfume bottle design needs to be realized, you can contact us directly, perhaps we can breakthrough together in the plastic perfume bottle design.