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The Difference Between Sunscreen And Tanning Oil

Megan 2018-02-21 09:29:51
Tanning oil (also called suntan lotion) and sunscreen have a number of differences, but the most important is functional differences: tanning oil is specifically designed to help people tan, and sunscreen is to avoid skin damage as much as possible from sun radiation. Although using any product can not guarante to not be tanned, but products designed specifically for tanning are even better in tanning effect.

Some tanning products also contain sunscreen ingredients, but not all of them. Therefore, using tanning oil is more likely to cause sunburn and severe skin damage. If you want to protect yourself when you're out, you’d best to use sunscreen, which is better for resisting  uv radiation.

We all know that many people in Europe and the United States like sunbathing, they praise the tan skin color, and in Western medicine, beauty black skin is unanimously recognized as the healthiest way of tanning. This is going to mention tanning oil, usually it is oil-like, rich in vitamins, lecithin and a variety of plant extracts, it beautify black skin while moisturizing and conditioning skin. Its compound bioactive bronze factor BRTC make people don’t need to bask in ultraviolet light or sunbathing, but just smear it to whole body, then you can get a tan skin color in 4 hours, and this effect can last a week.

Many people still don't know the difference between sunscreen and tanning oil, but we just have to remember one of their most intuitive differences, that is, tanning oil is often used to help people get a tan skin color subjectively, the main role is to help people tan, and sunscreen is used to assist people to resist the sunburn caused by solar radiation subjectively, the main role is to prevent the sun damage. Therefore, tanning oil can not replace sunscreen, please avoid the strong sun and skin damage becauce of it.

In addition, tanning oil must be smeared evenly and repeatedly, do not forget the ear, lower abdomen and other body parts. In order to allow the oil to fully penetrate the skin, generally keep not sweating for about 10 minutes after smearing tanning oil. It is best to carry a small bottle of tanning oil, in our tanning oil bottles, there are 120ml,220ml and 320ml capacity. These sizes are ideal for going out and carrying, and they are flat shapes, conveniently placed in a backpack and do not take up much place.

Maybe we will custom make more personalized tanning oil bottle, even more plastic cosmetic bottle base on your demands.