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Can I Carry Whisky In Plastic Bottles?

Megan quora 2019-02-13 11:25:05
Can I carry whisky in plastic bottles?

Q: “Can I carry whisky in plastic bottles?”

Yes and No.

Here, we are dealing with two materials: Whisky and plastic. We need to know the compositions of these two materials and if there is any interactions (chemical and physical) between these components and resulting chemical substances. With a knowledge about safety and health-related effects of these substances, we will be able to answer the above question.

The chemical composition of whisky is almost clear, but that a plastic bottle is complicated. We need to know:

What is the polymer material of bottle? Polyethylene (PE), poly(ethylene terephtalate)
(PET), poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC), polycarbonate (PC), or …?What are the concentrations of remaining unreacted monomers in the bottle’s polymer?What additives and in what amounts have been added to the polymer for manufacturing the plastic bottle?The above issues are materials-related factors. But, there are also environmental factors that are not less important than materials ones, such as:Age and time. The contamination process and physio-chemical reactions of liquid in the bottle is controlled by diffusion phenomenon in which time play key role. The storage of that liquid in the bottle you have can be safe for one week or month or a year but not safe for longer time. In longer time, even there might be remaining no bottle due to degradation by chemical substances in side the liquid (ethanol, whatever).Temperature also play key role in the reactions. Any increase in temperature accelerates the reactions, even perhaps exponentially (check Arrhenius law). For instance, the storage of whisky in a PET bottle kept inside refrigerator for six months(for example) might be harmless, but unsafe for one month in the kitchen room.Pressure is another effective factor that affects the rate of diffusion of substances from the plastic to the stored liquid (check Fick’s law).

Aside from these complex factors, I suggest you store your whisky in a high quality PET bottle. I know of some beer brands that pack in plastic bottles, and our factory manufacture good plastic bottle for whiskey, wine and beer, but still my sincere advise would be that don't keep it for long, more than a month.