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What Kind Of Cosmetics Bottles Are Women's Favorite?

Megan 2019-02-04 19:37:07
Have seen a question before, whatkind of cosmetic bottles are women's favorite? It wasreplied that a research show that up to 78% of female friends answered thechoice of glass material, and 46% of the people chose to prefer translucentglass cosmetic bottles.

Although weproduce cosmetic plastic bottle, I will not tell you that plastic material isthe best choice. As the data shows that glass bottles are still the main packaging ofcosmetics bottles, but it is undeniable that plastic bottles play anirreplaceable role in cosmetics bottles.

Objectivelyspeaking, glass cosmetics bottle are more high grade. It seems to be morepopular with women and cosmetics companies. But plastic cosmetics bottleshave irreplaceable advantages, not easy to break, portable, more applicable,you may have seen beautiful girls use tanning oil on the beach, which packagedby plastic material bottle, or at least you'll find that the travel cosmeticset are also plastic material, but not glass material, they are lighter andeasier to carry.

In short, thereare many cases in life that show that it is irreplaceable without conditions. If you have a cosmeticplastic bottle project, please remember we're waiting for you.