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Talking Something About Pomade

Megan 2018-01-31 15:43:44
What is the pomade?

Now people’s focus on appearance is not only the face skin, but also extended to the hands and feet, of course and hair. There are many types of hair care products, including pomade, hair conditioner and hair care essential oil. But many people do not understand the real difference between these products.

In short, pomade is a kind of nourishing hair "hair mask",  generally also known as "hairdressing gel". It is a deep maintenance process like a female facial mask or night cream, the pomade contains moisture and hair needs of nutrients, they will through hair scales into the hairline, help repair fibrous tissue, restore hair vitality.

Why should be use pomade?

Usually, many people attach great importance to the use of shampoo and conditioner, they think the hair washed clean and have got moisture, the hair care process is over. However, such a hair care concept is outdated now, the environment damage to hair and physical beauty hair damage is very large, so it needs a deeper repair.

Hairdressing specialist recommends, summer sunshine illuminate also has certain effect to the hair, so give the hair more "facial mask". Pomade is like a “facial mask” used on face, the nutrient concentration in the pomade is several times that of the conditioner, it is the most important function to let pure conservation components more in-depth, more rich infiltration into the hair internal organization.

How to use the hair mask?

The pomade product is usually used twice a week, stay in your hair for 3 minutes and massage it evenly, it’s better to keep hair warm, so that the hair scales is fully open and the nutrients in the hair mask are fully absorbed.

The function of pomade is to make the hair fully absorb nutrition, and at the same time form a protective layer outside the hair, protect it from damage, maintain soft, bright and elastic. As different skin care products are selected for different types of skin, you can choose the pomade products with different functions according to the damage degree of hair:

Dry and sensitive hair should be used with a high-protein moisturizing hair care, such as protein hair gel, can be used daily.

If it is extremely chaotic, dry, you can use pomade. Although the effect of pomade is relatively slow, usually need adhere to the use for two or three months, but its effect is more stable, and it can fundamentally change the texture of the hair, deeply nourishing and pacifying the hair that is difficult to maintain because of the damage, make it healthy, soft and bright.

About the plastic pomade packaging

Pomade is a hair care products, also belong to a cosmetics, in the high-end hair care market, pomade is very popular. So we have many clients who develop and occupy the pomade product market, and we also have customized many plastic pomade bottle and jar.

It is generally thought that the pomade packaging should like plastic round jar shape, with HDPE material, and in fact, it is mostly plastic round jar on the market. We now have several designs of plastic pomade packaging bottle, like this black HDPE pomade bottle jar, do you like this design? Maybe there is more similar bottles is waiting you to find it.

Of course, if you’d like to customize a personalized pomade packaging, welcome to contact us at any time, maybe we can meet your personalized needs, make you unique products to open and occupy the market quickly.

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