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New Record For US Black Friday, More Intense Competition

Megan 2018-11-26 15:08:07
The year-end shopping season in the United States begins with "Black Friday" after Thanksgiving and continues into Christmas and New Year. In preparation for "Black Friday," Amazon promoted a week early and the shopping season began well, foreign media reported. The e-commerce giant announced on November 24 that consumer purchases had reached a "record level." In just 9 hours, Amazon has sold more goods than it did last year. When the announcement was made, customers had bought more than a million toys and 700,000 pieces item of fashions from Amazon. And in recent years, the annual "Black Friday", Amazon's sales figures are rising, creating new sales records every year.

In order to "rob the business" with the physical store, many ecommerce listed a list of discounted items and opened online bookings a few days in advance. And almost all of the large retailers have opened online shopping channels, most of the "black Friday" discounts can be found online. Wal-Mart introduced digital maps into its mobile app to facilitate shoppers to find the exact location of the goods in the store. Adobe estimates that online sales across the United States are expected to reach $3.7 billion throughout the Thanksgiving holiday, with about 50% of online purchases expected to be done by mobile phones.

The enthusiasm of offline retailers in the United States is gradually cooling compared to the enthusiasm of online e-commerce. Over the years, the "Black Friday" period, because of the long duration, the major retail store employees work more than 10-15 hours of the day is also very common, these problems let offline retail stores in a mess. The gradual strength of American e-commerce is to make the offline traditional sellers feel pressure.

In the era of future e-commerce, retail giant Amazon has set an example for retail e-commerce around the world, new Amazon sellers will continue to pour in, old sellers need to continually R&D new product to solve the actual needs of customer, which bring customers a real good experience, in order not to be excluded by new entrants. We have cooperated with a few excellent Amazon sellers, over the past few years, through the joint efforts of us, their product has been continuously upgraded to keep them in the top of the industry. Recently, there are more Amazon sellers to find us, they want to produce some plastic packaging products, some of these projects are already under the way, as a stable and reliable supplier to Amazon sellers, we have relevant experience that some valuable and promising entrepreneurial projects must be developed and put into the market as soon as possible to occupy the opportunity.

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