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What Kind Of Plastic Bottle Is Suitable For Liquor

Megan 2018-04-18 18:48:34
People use PET plastic bottle to contain with liquor or beer, because they usually buy bulk liquors, it’s more convenient for them to hold the liquor left in plastic bottle. Now we will share some tips about using plastic bottle to contain the liquor or beer.

When using plastic product to hold liquor or beer, is there a chemical reaction between the plastic material and the liquor, and even affect people’s health? At present the plastic bottle packaging which is food graded and can be used for liquor is pided into two categories: one class is general PET material, the other is HDPE material.

Generally speaking, HDPE plastic bottle just be suitable for storing liquor in a short date, as the HDPE molecule may be dissolve into liquor once for a long time, and this can cause discomfort. While PET material is a new type of polymer polyester material, its molecular structure is more stable, it has been widely used for packging beer or other low-alcohol drink, so it’s harmless that it pack liquor in same manner, but it’s still worth noting that don’t storage it for too long time, the alcohol will volatilize.

PET beer bottle

In a word, now there are two main types of food grade plastic packaging bottle: one is HDEP plastic bottle, it usually used for common food and beverage, also household product and chemical product. The other is eco friendly PET plastic bottle, it can pack more food and beverage with strong solubility besides these products.

The above is from a China plastic bottle manufacturer to share with you some tips. You may check our website for more updates.