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What's The Difference Between ODM And OEM

Megan 2017-11-02 20:17:45
The main difference between OEM and ODM is that, the former is designed by the client to design the product, regardless of who completed the overall design, and the client shall not provide the product with the design to the third party. The latter is completed by the manufacturer itself from design to production, after the product is formed, the label will buy it.

Whether the manufacturer can produce the same products for a third party depends on whether the label is buying the design scheme. OEM products are made for brand manufacturers, and only the name of the brand can be used after production, which can not be produced by the manufacturer's own name. ODM depends on whether the brand company buys the copyright of the product. If not, manufacturers have the right to organize their own production, as long as there is no corporate design identification.

Said simply, OEM and OEM difference, the core is the product who enjoys intellectual property rights, if clients enjoy the product of the intellectual property rights, it is OEM, also known as the "contract"; If it is the overall design of the producer, it is the ODM, commonly known as "sticker".

As far as we are concerned, as plastic bottle Chinese manufacturer, we also provide OEM production, or ODM production. We have been exposed to foreign customers for so many years, Many customers have their original ideas about the plastic bottles they need, and then we'll talk about it over and over again, constantly improving the bottle shape, in order to better adapt to their product market, his type of plastic bottle is done by our factory and our customers. If the end customer doesn't buy the intellectual property of the product, then we can produce this bottle freely, except for their logo, which is the ODM.

By contrast, some customers has its own plastic bottle design, clearly know they which material, which capacity, as well as some bottle details, we just according to their design to produce, this is the OEM.

Personally, I think plastic bottles because of the universality and practicability, it is impossible to produce too much strange unique shape, such as a very common drink bottles, usually cylindrical or square, but it can't be produced in waves.

So beverage companies usually have their own brand of bottle. The recent hot news, and the typical case, It's the Fanta's new carbonated beverage bottle, a very unique spiral shape, a bottle that is different from other bottles reflects their innovation and brand uniqueness.