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Types Of Drinks

Megan 2017-10-30 18:11:33
Beverage is a liquid food that is produced by different formula and manufacturing processes, use water as the basic raw material, and for human or livestock consumption. Due to the different kinds of drinks containing different amounts of sodium, milk, sugar, acid, fat, energy and various nutrients such as amino acid, vitamin, inorganic salt, thus drinks also has certain nutrients except moisture.

Beverage classification:

Carbonated drinks: a sparkling drink that mixes carbon dioxide gas with various spices, water, syrup and pigment. Like coke, soda, etc.

Carbonated drink: the main ingredients include: carbonated water, citric acid and other acidic substances, sugar, spices, and some contain caffeine.

Fruit and vegetable juice drinks: various kinds of juice, fresh juice, vegetable juice, fruit and vegetable mixed juice, etc..

Dairy beverages: fresh milk, fermented milk, flavored milk.

Functional drinks: drinks containing various nutritional elements, to meet the special needs of the human body.

Tea drinks: for Chinese people, tea drinks are familiar to everyone, such as green tea, black tea and all kinds of scented tea.

Coffee drinks: instant coffee, boiled coffee. 

Packaged drinking water: various mineral water, pure water, distilled water, etc..

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As far as the Chinese people's beverage consumption habits are concerned, the three kinds of drinks are the most consumed drinks, such as drinking water, tea drinks and fruit juice beverages. Therefore, the demand for packaging bottles of these products is relatively large. The plastic bottles produced in our factory are sold to North America, South America, Western Europe and some other countries. Recent sales figures show that overseas buyers are buying all kinds of plastic bottles.

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