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What Kind Of Lotion Bottle Is Better?

Megan 2019-01-17 15:10:54
Lotion is the product that people use every day, especially girls, and its outer packaging lotion bottle affects the consumer experience, now there are many lotion bottles on the market, so which one to choose? What kind of lotion bottle is better from the consumer's point of view?

From the material point, the lotion bottle is mostly glass lotion bottle and plastic lotion bottle. The difference between them is also well known. Objectively speaking, glass lotion bottle looks more upscale, bottle body has a sense of permeability, but the shortcomings are also obvious, bulky and fragile, on the contrary, plastic lotion bottle is light and not easy to break, PET lotion bottle can also be close to the permeability of glass material bottle, the disadvantage is that the texture is not as good as glass lotion bottle. In general, when you buy a brand of lotion, it has been determined whether it is glass or plastic material packaging. But when you need to buy a replacement bottle or a travel suit yourself, you can decide for yourself, and of course many manufacturers choose plastic materials because of their portability. Or when you create a brand and develop new project, you can move in the direction of plastic bottles.

In terms of appearance, it is divided into square pump bottles and round pump bottles. Square bottles and round bottles are not much different in use, while in our daily life, round lotion bottles will be more, but it is also so, round bottles appear ordinary and no characteristics. These two years of square lotion bottles began to catch on, they are widely used in the cosmetic packaging industry, perfect for hand sanitizer, shampoo, lotion and other cosmetic liquids.

pump lotion bottle

In the figure above, we show a few commonly used lotion bottle design, each of them has different advantages, so can not say which is better, only depends on personal preferences. If you have your own unique design, we are pleasure to help you achieve it. We all look forward to assisting our customers to win the market with high quality products.