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Britain's First 100% Recycled Plastic Bottles On The Shelves

Megan 2019-01-22 19:26:38
Britain's first plastic bottles made of 100% recycled plastic were put on the shelves for sale.

The Daily Mail reported 18th that the 100% recycled material plastic bottle used in the natural mineral water of Highland Springs was slightly less transparent than common plastic bottles, but at a cost of about 5 pence (about 0.44 yuan) higher than them. Mineral water products in this recycled plastic bottle began to enter businesses across the UK this month. Many beverage producers, including Coca-Cola, have pledged to increase the proportion of recycled plastics used in plastic bottle production to protect the environment and reduce plastic pollution.

However, considering production costs, the implementation of this commitment by beverage producers relies heavily on the government's promise to promote a recycling policy for plastic bottle deposits.

From the point of view of a plastic bottle manufacturer, we’d like to produce high quality plastic bottles that can be used in food and beverage packaging industry, but the use of recycled plastics is a long-term approach from an environmental protection perspective. In short, I hope that plastic pollution will not haunt people in the future.