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We Sell Boston Round Bottle

  • Author:Megan
  • Release on:2018-10-12
Today we’ll talk about our Boston Round Shape Bottle, we have customized many boston round design these years, they aresold very well all over the world, we may be able to solve the confusion ofmany buyers about where to buy boston round plastic bottles.

Our boston shape bottles are used more incosmetics industry. Here we will show you several design of them. Like thepicture below, they have a round appearance, stand with a rounded shoulder, yousee they can fit with trigger spray, pump, disc cap, mist spray, flip top capand plain screw cap, these are several common cap of cosmetic bottle fordifferent usages, cosmetics manufacturer use them package shampoo, body wash,shower gel, lotion, cream, body spray and perfume, and other many cosmeticsliquid, their wide range of sizes also offers the possibility of more uses.

boston round bottle

They are made of PET and HDPE material,many buyer adopt PET bottle with natural and clear color, customer can see thecontent what looks like through the bottle body, also can make them in opaquecolor, it looks more beautiful. We use 100% new material, which meetinternational standards and ensures they're food grade, non-toxic, BPA free,eco-friendly and recyclable.

Of course, these boston round bottle can beused for other industry, like beverage, food or chemical. Like this example ofa 300ml PET bottle above, we fit it with a dropper cap for sauce and condiment,of course, it needs the bottle to be squeezed. And the 1000ml black bottle,which fit with trigger spray, you can use it to packaging some household use liquid,like cleaner and detergent.

Finally, most intuitively, let's look attheir colors. The natural color of PET is clear and pure which adopt 100%virgin material, they looks very glossy, even make them in some color, it canstill stay glossy. While HDPE is matte, its natural color is milk white but,you can make them in any color as you like. That’s some of our boston roundbottle for your reference, if your don’t know where to buy plastic bottle, please feel free to contact us now!