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Several Ways To Measure The Thickness Of Plastic Bottle

Megan www.chem17.com 2017-11-18 12:03:17
Plastic bottles are commonly used in packaging nowadays. It has the characteristics of clean appearance, easy to process, easy to print and low cost, it is widely used in food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other industries. The processing of plastic bottle is generally used to mould bottle embryo first, and then blowing the bottle mold.

During the blow molding process, subject to temperature and equipment influence, the thickness of bottle body and bottle bottom is not equal. The thinner parts is generally weak part of the plastic bottle in mechanical properties (such as pressure, compression ability)、blocking performance (such as water vapor and oxygen through rate ), This reduces the overall performance of the whole plastic bottle, so that it can not be used effectively.

Since wall thickness of plastic bottle is so important, what kinds of testing instruments can be tested on the wall thickness of the bottle? What are the methods and principles of measurement? Professional production factory shenzhen zhenghao plastic&mold co.ltd., for everyone to introduce:

1. contact measurement. This kind of wall thickness test method is now widely used in the wall thickness measurement. The principle is: put the measuring support rod into the bottle, contact the measuring part with its dart head, then place the sensor's gauge head in contact with the plastic bottle body in the external counterpart of the bottle and corresponds to the dart head, and read the Numbers on the meter. It can referred to CHY-B wall thickness gauge, this kind of principle instrument, the test is quick, the measurement site is comprehensive, the parts are easy to replace, and the cost is low. However the stability of the mechanical structure is high.

CHY-B contacting thickness gauge

2. Thickness test of magnetic induction method. This method is based on the hall effect theory. When measuring thickness, a small steel bead is placed on the side of the test material, and the probe is placed on the other side. Turn the bottle and the ball is moved by the magnetic force of the probe. The magnetic sensor can measure the distance from the tip of the probe to the steel ball, thereby drawing the wall thickness of the plastic bottle. The characteristics of this instrument are not to destroy the sample, and the measurement is convenient. But the concave and convex part of plastic bottle is not easy to measure, the instrument cost is higher.

Magnetic induction thickness gauge

3. Test thickness of section method. This is the original wall thickness measurement method. Subject to the limitations of the technology, many of the inspectors tested plastic bottles at an early stage, using a spiral micrometer and caliper to test its thickness. This method is low in cost, but it is considered that the error is large and the test efficiency is low, which is a way to gradually be eliminated.

thickness measurement of sliced sample

Of course, the above test plastic bottle body wall thickness way also includes infrared method, ultrasonic method and so on. The above three methods are the test principle of the thickness of plastic bottle used in the laboratory.

The thickness of the plastic bottle directly affects the weight of the bottle, and the weight of the bottle is also a measuring standard of the quality of the bottle. As a result, many plastic bottles look the same in appearance, but the actual weight is much different, and there is a big difference in quality, and finally the bottle price will be different. For many plastic bottle buyers, it is necessary to note that the relation of quality and price of the plastic bottles can be very helpful.