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Plastic Bottles Of Various Materials Are Irreplaceable

  • Author:Megan
  • Release on:2017-11-14
Now, pet plastic bottles occupy the absolute share of the plastic bottle packaging market, we analyzed many times the advantages of pet plastic bottles. But today we want to talk about packaging other than pet plastic bottles, some of which are being overlooked by the market, but through analysis, we will find that these plastic bottles have an irreplaceable advantage.

Among them, PE plastic bottle (also called HDPE plastic bottle) has been a good market application, from the cow bottle, shampoo shower gel bottle to household spray bottles, compared to pet plastic bottles, PE plastic bottles cheaper, more suitable for a lot of low-cost packaging requirements. and the PE plastic bottle is not transparent, which is very important for some products, because the light will have an impact on these products.

Image from www.vcg.com

Next to mention is the PVC plastic bottles, PVC plastic bottles, although not used in food products such as packaging, but in the field of chemical packaging, is very popular, more for the installation of oil, lubricants and other industrial oil.

Image from www.nipic.com

Let us say that PS acrylic plastic bottles, it is a large number of cosmetics and other packaging, cosmetic packaging for the appearance of very high requirements, acrylic plastic bottles look like glass bottles, welcomed by the market.

Image from www.nipic.com

We pay attention to the pet plastic bottle while the market should take into account other types of plastic bottle packaging. Our factories now not only produce plastic juice bottles, but also other types of bottles packaging are produced, from cosmetic bottles to industrial use bottles, from household spray bottles to sauces bottle for kitchens use. Now, however, the key problem with other types of plastic bottle packaging is that recycling is very unsatisfactory, which needs to be improved from the material itself. To improve the recovery of these plastic bottles.