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The Design Capability Of Cosmetic Bottle Is Very Important

  • Author:Megan
  • Source:Zhenghao Plastic
  • Release on:2018-05-22
These years many cosmetic factory mainly pursuit the high-end appearance, they mostly think that the high end appearance is the effective method to enhance the competitive of their cosmetics brand, also plastic cosmetic bottle they think, not only usual glass or acrylic.

However, now young generation are changing their focus on cosmetics packaging, more concern about design than its material, they think it should be much accounted of environmental protection and personalization. As we usually know, many people will reuse their cosmetic bottles which are more funny, more special or more unique, they use them to pack other things like jewelry, button, some thick-wall cosmetic bottle also can be used for succulent plant as a display decoration, and put it on your office table. Even some creative person can make them to be an artwork. These not due to what material they are but how they be designed.

For cosmetic bottles, the eco-friendly material has greater chance of being chosen, addition to appearance, this is based on people's increasing awareness of environmental protection. The products we use are not only required to be harmless to the human body, but also harmless to the environment on which we live.

As a professional cosmetic plastic bottle manufacturer, we all agree that it will be more important to have design capability and to provide environmental protection materials in the future, so we are glad that the PET material we used for making cosmetic PET bottle is 100% recyclable and eco friendly, and our clients have also been developing towards innovation. Only in this way can we develop in the long term.