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Advantages Of Shrink Wrap Packing

  • Author:Megan
  • Source:Zhenghao Plastic
  • Release on:2018-05-24
Shrink wrap is the main application field of most beverage plastic bottles and some food plastic bottles. With the rapid development of pet beverage bottles, the common carbonated beverage packaging bottles and juice packaging bottles need shrink wrap to do shrink labels, shrink wrap belongs to polyester, which is environmentally friendly materials, easily recyclable and reusable.

How is the shrink wrap packed on? By heat shrinkable packaging machine. Cover the product with shrink wrap, seal it and enter the shrink packaging machine, and infrared radiation directly heating PVC/POP shrink wrap, then the product automatically shrinks and does not affect the product. This achieve the perfect effect of shrink packaging, this way often used in food, beverages and other industries packaging field.

So what are the advantages of the shrink wrap?

Now by the professional Chinese plastic bottle manufacturers to share a few points.

1. Shrink wrap can package irregular products. For example, for unique shape bottles, if it is not so good for screen printing and labeling, then shrink wrap is a good choice.

2. High transparency of shrink wrap. The color of product label will be very bright.

3. Shrink wrap can tightly wrap product and display its shape, show its beautiful and recognizable appearance.

4. shrink wrap can provide all-round decoration to the packaging container, and put on product descriptions and other commodity information printed on the label, and print the product description and other commodity information on the label, so that consumers can understand the product performance without opening the package.

5. A growing number of packaging manufacturers use printing shrink wrap to replace the traditional transparent wrap. Because printing shrink wrap can improve the appearance of products, and make a deep impression on the heart of consumers to spread product advertising even promote their logo brand.

In addition to the shrink wrap packaging, of course, there are also logo printing ways of silk-screen printing, label, hot transfer printing, painting etc., if you need to make plastic bottle with logo, please believe that we are a professional plastic bottle manufacturer and contact us.