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Spray Bottle Needs To Be Improved In Application

Megan 2018-08-27 14:24:58
Spray bottle is a more special form of packaging, used in cleaning liquid spray, cosmetic spray, plant spray, etc., spray bottle often cost higher, this is mainly due to the high production cost of spray head.

The spray head is usually pided into two types, one is mist spray bottle and other is trigger spray bottle. Mist spray is usually used in cosmetic industry, used to spray cosmetic liquids, including toner and perfume, spray gun bottles are often used in packaging household detergent, there are also some used in cosmetics, such as hair spray industry. Surely some of spray bottles are used in pharmaceuticals industry, such as mouth spray, ear washer and nasal spray.

spray bottle

As a spray bottle, the quality of the spray gun has a very important role for the whole packaging bottle. In daily life, we use the spray bottle, some can not spray something, some will be intermittent, this is very bad for the user experience, I believe that the customer will not buy the same product for the second time. Therefore, the choice of spray head for the production of plastic spray gun bottle manufacturers is very important.

Spray bottle spraying, it does bring us a lot of convenience in life, spray is an important part of the bottle, we hope to ensure the quality of the bottle by ensuring the quality of the spray head to improve the quality of the entire spray bottle, so as to bring more convenience to life.