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About Our Tanning Oil Bottle

  • Author:Megan
  • Release on:2018-08-23
August is almost over, while the hot weather in the Northern Hemisphereis still go on, together with nice sunshine. This’s maybe a good news for those who need tanning, but not also a good news for almost Asians, including Chinese, as they need whitening not tanning. So our tanning lotion bottle almost sell to North America and Western Europe.

Today we will talking about tanning oil bottle, as the picture shows we have several size of tanning oil bottle, generally they are HDPE material, with flat and square shape, can be squeezed, maybe it is what the tanning lotion bottle should be, actually it is just what the customer like. They can fit with screw cap, flip top cap and lotion pump for different usage. Surely they can packaging suncreen cream, many customers also use them packaging shampoo or other cosmetic lotion, just as you like.

HDPE lotion bottle

Of course these shape bottle can be made of PET material, customized with color and LOGO, if you need similar bottles, we can do it for you. As a OEM plastic bottle manufacturer, we look forward to these best-selling packaging bottles can explore the market for you.