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Alipay Face Scanning Payment Tool "Dragonfly"

Megan 2018-12-15 10:32:10
December 13 is Alipay Open Day, at Shanghai Station, Alipay announced the launch of a whole new face-scanning payment product, "Dragonfly," it directly reduce the cost of face-scanning by 80%. From now on, whether you are at hospitals, supermarkets, restaurants, brand stores, roadside convenience stores or even couples' stores, you can pay for the goods by scanning your face.

This face payment product is shaped like a desk lamp, but instead of a "light bulb", it is a book-sized face scanning display. Connect it to the manual cash register and place it on the checkout counter, so customers can quickly complete the face-scanning payment as long as they are pointing to the camera.Zhong you, general manager of IOT, Alipay, introduces that the size of "dragonfly" is only 1/10 that of the original self-help face scanning machine. There is no need to prepare in advance, nor to modify the ERP system. But at the same time, it is more advanced in face scanning: a 3D structured light camera is used to make it faster and more accurate; The smart engine is upgraded, and in frequent and familiar environments, users don't have to enter their phone numbers to make payments.

"the popularity of mobile payments has been greatly boosted by the collection code, the mission of this face-scanning product is to let face-scanning payment go into every ordinary store like a collection code." On the basis of substantially reducing costs, Alipay is still exploring new models and continuing to lower barriers for merchants to use them, Zhong said.

According to this year's "Double 11" data, face-scanning and fingerprint way complete payment of up to 60%, has become a mainstream way, meaning that the era of biological payment has arrived. Some experts believe that face-scanning payment is more secure and convenient than password payment, and with the further lowering of the threshold, face-scanning payment may lead to explosive growth in the next three years.As we known, Alipay is one of the product of Alibaba Group, as a Chinese plastic bottle supplier, we all be proud of such a great China company, and believe it will be all over the world.