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Plastic Soy Milk Bottle Will Be More Popular

  • Author:Megan
  • Release on:2018-09-03
Generally speaking, Westerners like to drink milk, while Chinese people like soy milk. Although not all of this is true, in general, Chinese and even East Asians prefer to drink soy milk or soybean milk. Soy milk is often referred to as "civilian milk", and many of its ingredients are similar to milk, but one comes from plants, one from animals, and not exactly the same nutrient content. According to the actual situation to choose which suitable for their own, then it can play the maximum nutritional efficacy.

Soy milk and soybean milk, although very similar, they are made of soybeans as the main raw materials of the beverage, but there are differences between them. The traditional making method of soy milk is very simple, after grinding, filtering, boiling and adding sugar, it can be eaten; while soy milk need more steps, fine grinding (with Colloid mill), and add a variety of excipients, additives, vitamins, trace elements, vegetable oil, sugar, milk powder, etc. (not allowed to add saccharin, pigments, preservatives).

Since the processing of soy milk through a number of processes, so soy milk has the following advantages: First, soy milk does not have the flavor of soy beans, secondly, soy milk in the soybean granules refinement, prolonged release will not occur precipitation phenomenon; thirdly, according to the market soy milk need to be equipped with milk, coffee, cocoa, coconut juice and other nutritional agents in the process. Finally, soy milk is sterilized by high pressure, and can be kept fresh for 3 months under bottled sealing conditions.

At present, we can see the soy milk packaging bottles with glass and plastic materials in the market. We usually want to buy a bottle of soy milk when we see it stand on the store shelf, but we buy 300ml of soy milk, in fact we need to carry a heavy glass bottle and to bear the risk of the glass bottle being broken at any time, naturally we will turn to the another one which bottled by plastic bottle, the same weight can carry more soy milk and not easily broken, it is obvious that It is wiser to use plastic bottled drinks. Usually the soy milk on the shelves needs to be kept fresh for at least a few months.

So a high-quality pet bottle can achieve this effect. But what kind of plastic bottle should I use if I need a hot-filled soy milk for immediate packaging and sale? Don't worry, we recently launched a new product that meets this requirement, pp heat-resistant soy milk bottle, which can be used to hot filling soy milk or other hot beverages, like the picture below shows. If you need this product, you can contact us directly.

PP soy milk bottle