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Plastic Packaging Needs More Improvement & Test

Megan pvc123.com 2017-10-13 13:52:15
Speaking of white pollution, in addition to plastic bags, I believe many people will think of plastic bottles. Because it is difficult to break down, plastic products like plastic bottles or plastic bags in the wild should take decades to decompose naturally, great harm to the environment. About 7-8 years ago, China has been out of the ban on plastic to limit the use of plastic bags. For plastic bottle manufacturers, but survived, not in the list of the ban.

First of all, the recovery rate of plastic bags is very low, but the plastic bottle packaging, especially PET plastic bottle packaging recovery rate is very high, and PET plastic bottle recycling rate is also high. However, other plastic bottles materials, such as PE, pvc, it need to have a great improvement in the recovery rate, otherwise, they were included in the list of plastic surgery like plastic bags is not impossible.

Second, the plastic bottle packaging compared to the carton, glass bottles of these packaging, it has its irreplaceable, there are some advantages from cost to appearance . Some aspects can not be replaced by other packaging materials.

For the plastic bottle manufacturers, although the plastic bottle packaging has not been listed on the list, but the plastic bottle packaging must be done in the environmental aspects of improvement and try, such as the more eco-friendly biological plastic bottles and so on.

PET plastic bottles products can be seen everywhere in life, we plastic bottle manufacturers will respond to the call of the times, the production of plastic bottles toward the environmental direction of innovation, so that let life's indispensable plastic bottles be more smooth in the road to environmental protection.